Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in Asia

It has been a while since my last post. It has also been a while since I have typed without the use of an apostrophe key (which, on Japanese keyboards, is so disguised it is obsolete), so please dismiss my uncondensed typing.

It has been great to return to the continent we call our own. Right now I physically sit on the foot of Chris Wong (please remember I have no apostrophe key, and that Chris can sleep in any orientation, even standing up), three hours removed from an all nighter in Tokyo. A lot has changed since I left Japan in 1995 (is that right, Mom?), but not Shibuya. The "Times Square of Tokyo" still permits pedestrians to cross the busied intersection diagonally, something we partook in to save time when meeting Kelly and her friends at the cheapest bar in town (where beers still cost 300 yen, or 3 USD). Afterwards, Scott and I watched a British soccer masterpiece at an English bar, eager to see Everton take on titans Manchester United in the FA Cup Semifinal (see results here). We finished the night in Asian fashion, meeting the gang at a congested Karaoke bar down the street. We wailed away on American classics like "Proud Mary" and "What a Wonderful World", eager to impress (see: embarrass) Kelly and her friends. Post wailing, we took an expensive cab home, now cognizant of the non-frugal Yen and our forgettable bid for singing stardom. Ten cuidado, Japan: the boys are back in town and ready to wreak havoc (exchange-rate permitting). Did someone say Instant Ramen?

Back to sleep, I need it. Hopefully Chris can sacrifice 30% of the mattress, since I still physically sit on his foot (does he really not notice?). It is great to be "home".


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