Sunday, May 3, 2009

Phil's Gastronomic Adventure #6: Seoul, Korea

The Location: Seoul Fish Market
The Dish: Live Octopus
The Ingredients: octopus?

Thanks to the mass production of guidebooks and travel channels, eating live octopus in Korea has lost some of its mystery.  But let's face it: it still sounds gross.  After a tour of the DMZ, we headed to the Seoul Fish Market and came across a lady selling small octopi out of a plastic washing basin filled with water. Making a gesture to our mouth with our hands indicating "can we eat that?", the old fishmongress with rubber gloves and boots happily nodded. We shelled out 4,000 inflated Korean Won (about US$3) for a pair of the tentacled creatures.  

We brought the pair in a clear plastic bag to the second floor of the market, where a japanese-korean restaurant accepted our raw ingredients and offered to "prepare" them for us. Two minutes later, the chef delivered a plate of furiously wriggling tentacle pieces.  We dug in, watching the pieces cling on for dear after-life to our chopsticks.  Each bite was an adventure, the suckers latching on to my tongue or the roof of my mouth. We chewed ferociously to put them down, surprised at how good live octopus actually tastes. Like calamari, but with feelings.


Stacy said...

Phil, I was just thinking of you during Tufts senior week, and totally loved creeping on your blog. All of your adventures sound hilarious and awesome. Keep having fun, and make sure to come visit Tufts next year, we miss you!


Phil Haslett said...

thanks Stacy, good to know that someone reads the blog! haha. get ready for your senior year, it'll be great.

elzplz said...

found your blog through someone & i have to say i'm really impressed with what you are all doing AND verrry JEALOUS of the experiences you're having.
definitely makes me miss asia!